Device simulation reference

All functions and classes related to device simulation are namespaced under i3.device_sim.

For a tutorial running device simulations with IPKISS, please check the running device simulations tutorial.


device_sim.camfr_guided_modes Calculates the neff for guided modes for a material stack using the camfr mode solver.
device_sim.camfr_mode_fields Calculates the fields for the modes for a material stack using the camfr mode solver.
device_sim.camfr_compute_stack_neff Computes the effective index of mode in the material stack at the given wavelength.
device_sim.camfr_stack_expr_for_structure For a given layout, call virtual fabrication and return a camfr.Expression that can be used to run a simulation.
device_sim.get_material_stacks Convenience function that returns material stacks used to fabricate the structure.
device_sim.SimulationGeometry Defines the geometry of the electromagnetic simulation.
device_sim.SMatrixOutput Output an SMatrix.
device_sim.MacroOutput Running solver specific commands (a Macro) during the simulation phase.
device_sim.FileOutput Retrieves a file created during the setup or execution of the simulation.
device_sim.Port A combined monitor and source, for use in a physical solver
device_sim.Macro Defines a tool-specific macro which will be executed at a specified stage
device_sim.MacroFile Defines a macro to be loaded from file