class ipkiss3.all.device_sim.SMatrixOutput(**kwargs)

Output an SMatrix. The Touchstone file that is created contains additional metadata representing a mapping between IPKISS ports and the Touchstone port numbers.

See import_touchstone_smatrix for more information.


By default, the S-matrix that is returned after the simulation will have its sweep units in micrometer. This is in contrast to manually importing the S-matrix touchstone file using import_touchstone_smatrix, in which case the default sweep units are in GHz.


name: str, required

Identifies the output

wavelength_range: Tuple of (<type ‘float’>, <type ‘int’>), required

Wavelength range to simulate as (start_wl, stop_wl, num_wavelengths)

symmetries: optional

Defines the symmetries between the ports, reduces the number of required simulations.

unit: str, optional

Unit of the sweep parameter (e.g. um, nm, GHz, kHz).