class ipkiss3.all.device_sim.SimulationGeometry

Defines the geometry of the electromagnetic simulation.

layout: required

LayoutView of the component to simulate

bounding_box: optional

Bounding box of the simulation. Default is [None, None, None]. [None, None, (-2.0, 10.0)] means to derive x and y span from the component, but use (-2.0, 10.0) in the z-direction (out-of-plane).

excluded_layers: optional

List of layers that need to be excluded. Default is not to exclude any layer.

layers: optional

List of layers that need to be virtually fabricated. By default all layers used in the layout are virtually fabricated. Setting this overrides the behavior of ‘excluded_layers’

process_flow: optional

The process flow used for virtual fabrication. By default use TECH.VFABRICATION.PROCESS_FLOW. Can be changed to customize the process flow, in order to simulate various changes to the process.

waveguide_growth: float and Real, number and number >= 0, optional

Distance to grow the waveguides at their unconnected ports.