ipkiss3.all.ArcPath(layer, center=(0.0, 0.0), radius=1.0, line_width=0.5, start_angle=0.0, end_angle=90.0, angle_step=1.0, path_type=0, clockwise=False)

Returns a Path Element along a circular arc.

layer: Layer object, required

Layer on which the shape is drawn

centerCoord2 or tuple

center of the arc. Defaults to (0.0, 0.0)

radiuspositive number

Radius of the arc

start_angleangle (in degrees)

Start angle of the arc. Defaults to 0.0 (horizontal x-axis)

end_angleangle (in degrees)

End angle of the arc. Defaults to 0.0 (horizontal x-axis)

line_widthpositive number

line_width of the path.

path_typeconstant indicating the path type

can be constants.PATH_TYPE.NORMAL, constants.PATH_TYPE.ROUNDED, constants.PATH_TYPE.EXTENDED

angle_steppositive angle (in degrees)

The angle step for the discretisation of the rounded corners. Default is extracted from TECH.METRICS.ANGLE_STEP


sets the direction of the arc. Defaults to False.

Path element.