class ipkiss3.all.device_sim.CSTTDSimulation(**kwargs)

Define a simulation for use with CST Studio Suite ® (Time Domain solver).

For the tutorial, please check CST Studio Suite tutorial.

The following parameters are exposed to CST Studio Suite (you can also see them in the “Parameter List” window):

  • bbox_xmin, bbox_xmax, bbox_ymin, bbox_ymax, bbox_zmin, bbox_zmax: the bounding box geometry where the simulation is defined
  • port_{{PORT_NAME}}_xmin, xmax, ymin, ymax, zmin, zmax : the port locations.
  • start_freq, stop_freq, center_freq: start, stop and center frequency.

geometry: SimulationGeometry, required

The geometrical setup (objects, materials, …) we want to simulate

cst_exe_path: str, optional

Path to the cst exe ‘CST DESIGN ENVIRONMENT.exe’. By default guess from registry keys.

iconified: ( bool, bool_, bool or int ), optional

Run the CST Studio Suite in iconified mode.

material_folders: list and List with type restriction, allowed types: [<type ‘str’>], optional

List of paths which contain native CST materials.

project_folder: str, optional

Path of the CST project folder (default = current working dir)

project_template: str, optional

Path of the CST project template.

verbose: ( bool, bool_, bool or int ), optional

Log messages to the messages pane when set to True.

monitors: list, optional

Monitors to capture the fields within a simulation

outputs: list, optional

Outputs of the simulation.

setup_macros: list and List with type restriction, allowed types: (<class ‘ipkiss3.simulation.device._simapi.Macro’>, <class ‘ipkiss3.simulation.device._simapi.MacroFile’>), optional

Tool-specific macros to run as part of the job setup.

solver_material_map: dict, optional

Mapping of ipkiss TECH.MATERIALS items onto names that represent a native material in a electromagnetic solver. If specified, this map is used to reuse the native materials in the solver. Default is empty, which means we use the information available from TECH.MATERIALS to create the different materials in the solver.

Other Parameters:

engine: locked