class picazzo3.phc.generic.cell.RectangularPhCLayout(*args, **kwargs)

Generic Photonic Crystal Layouting Cell on a Rectangular lattice. The Layout of the cell is made up of a map, which is a multiline string representing the unit cells on a regular rectangular lattice. The letters in the ‘map’ correspond to unit cells in the dictionary ‘cells’.



The unique name of the pcell

See also

PhCLayout, TriangularPhCLayout



pitch: float and Real, number and number >= 0

Lattice constant for a uniform square lattice. This property will be ignored if the property ‘pitches’ is set manually

view_name: str and ( Alphanumeric string or Contains _$ )

The name of the view

cells: dict

dictionary of Unit Cells for a Photonic Crystal. The value should be of the form {‘x’: cell1, ‘y’: cell2}. The keys of the dictionary should be characters and each character can be used to identify the unit cell in the map

map: str

Map of the photonic crystal. This property accepts a multi-line string. Every character in the string represents a unit cell of the photonic crystal, which can be found in the property cells

pitches: Coord2

X and Y pitch of the photonic crystal


list of tuple with (coordinate (in pitches), angle, waveguide_template, [name])

process_hfw: ProcessLayer

process for underetching

purpose_hfw: PatternPurpose

drawing purpose for underetching

zero_line_y: float

line in the map which corresponds to the coordinate y=0. This can be a fractional number, and the unit is relative to pitches.y .