class picazzo3.container.transition_ports.AutoTransitionPorts(*args, **kwargs)

Pcell containing another PCell with transitions on all (labeled) ports, using AutoTraceTransitionFromPort. The target trace template is defined in trace_template.


transitions: List with type restriction, allowed types: <class ‘ipkiss3.pcell.cell.pcell.PCell’>

Transitions (of type WaveguideTransitionFromPort) attached the the ports given in port_labels. Should be in the same order as port_labels.

trace_template: ( PCell and _WaveguideTemplate ), *None allowed*

Template for all ports, defaults to TECH.PCELLS.WG.DEFAULT.When set to None, the waveguide templates of the ports will be used.

transition_database: AutoTransitionDatabase

AutoTransitionDatabase in which the correct transition between the two trace templates can be looked up.

port_labels: ( List with type restriction, allowed types: <type ‘str’> ), *None allowed*

Labels of the ports to be processed. Set to None to process all ports.

contents: PCell

the contents of the container: the child cell


Dictionary for remapping of the port names of the contents to the external ports


The unique name of the pcell

Other Parameters:

trace_templates: List with type restriction, allowed types: <class ‘ipkiss3.pcell.cell.pcell.PCell’>, locked

list of templates to apply to all ports


Tapering ports to a wider width:

from technologies import silicon_photonics
from ipkiss3 import all as i3
from picazzo3.filters.ring import RingRect180DropFilter
from picazzo3.traces.wire_wg import WireWaveguideTemplate
my_ring = RingRect180DropFilter()
from picazzo3.container.transition_ports import AutoTransitionPorts
wire_t = WireWaveguideTemplate()
wire_t.Layout(core_width=0.7, cladding_width=0.7 + 2 * 2.0)
my_ring_tapered_auto = AutoTransitionPorts(contents = my_ring,
                                           port_labels = ["W0", "W1", "E0"],
                                           trace_template = wire_t)
my_ring_tapered_auto_layout = my_ring_tapered_auto.Layout()



view_name: str and ( Alphanumeric string or Contains _$ )

The name of the view

transition_length: ( float and Real, number and number >= 0 ), *None allowed*

Length of the transition. Set to None to take the standard transition length.

zero_length_if_identical: ( bool, bool_, bool or int )

uses a zero-length transition if the trace templates are identical

straight_extension: ( Coord2 ), *None allowed*

Tuple: straight extensions of the transitions. Set to None to take the standard straight extensions

contents_transformation: GenericNoDistortTransform

flatten_contents: ( bool, bool_, bool or int )

if True, it will insert the contents as elements in the layout, rather than as an Instance

Other Parameters:

transition_lengths: locked