class picazzo3.container.container_waveguides.ContainerWithWaveguideBundle(*args, **kwargs)

Abstract base class for containers which add waveguides to the contents, such as fanout or for routing ports in certain directions

Waveguides are provided as a list of child cells. They will be bundled if bundled = True.


trace_template: optional

Template for all ports. If None, the waveguide templates of the ports will be used

waveguides: List with type restriction, allowed types: <class ‘ipkiss3.pcell.cell.pcell.PCell’>, optional

waveguides added to the contents

auto_transition: optional

If True, automatically transition all ports of contents to the given trace template. If False, no transitions are applied, which might lead to a discontinuity in the waveguide. Also, if trace_template is None, no transitions are applied.

port_labels: optional

Labels of the ports to be processed. Set to None to process all ports.

contents: PCell, optional

the contents of the container: the child cell

external_port_names: optional

Dictionary for remapping of the port names of the contents to the external ports

cell_instances: _PCellInstanceDict, optional

name: optional

The unique name of the pcell

trace_templates: List with type restriction, allowed types: <class ‘ipkiss3.pcell.cell.pcell.PCell’>, locked

list of templates to apply to all ports

bundle: locked

bundle of waveguides added to the contents, generated based on the supplied waveguides list



view_name: str, optional

The name of the view

area_layer_on: optional

When True, the waveguide area will be covered by i3.Rectangles on all cover layers.

routes: optional

routes along which the waveguides will be generated

contents_transformation: GenericNoDistortTransform, optional

flatten_contents: optional

if True, it will insert the contents as elements in the layout, rather than as an Instance

grids_per_unit: locked

Number of grid cells per design unit

units_per_grid: locked

Ratio of grid cell and design unit

grid: float and number > 0, locked

design grid. Extracted by default from TECH.METRICS.GRID

unit: float and number > 0, locked

design unit. Extracted by default from TECH.METRICS.UNIT