exception ipkiss3.all.PropertyValidationError(error_class_instance=None, error_cause='No message for this error.', error_var_values={})

Exception used when validating properties, to be thrown from validate_properties()

Generates the following message:

> Error in validating properties
> ------------------------------
> Instance causing the error: name of the instance causing the error
> Cause of the error: error_cause
> properties causing the error:
>     var --> value of var
>     var2 --> value of var2

error_class_instance: object

Instance of the class that is throwing the error.

error_cause: str

Explanation of the cause of the error.

error_var_values: dict

dictionary containing a variable name and its value in each item


PropertyValidationError(self,”The sum of var and var2 should be larger than 20” , {“var”: self.var, “var2”:self.var2})