class ipkiss3.all.VFabricationProcessFlow

Virtual fabrication process flow.

A process flow defines how layers combinations correspond to materials stacks. It is used to reconstruct a 3D representation of the device geometry, which can be used for visualization and physical device simulations.

active_processes: List with type restriction, allowed types: [<class ‘ipkiss.process.layer.ProcessLayer’>], required

Full list of all the processes relevant for virtual fabrication

is_lf_fabrication: dict, required

Dict indicating for every process with True/False if it is fabricated in LF

process_to_material_stack_map: List with type restriction, allowed types: [<class ‘tuple’>], required

Mapping from physical process to material stack

process_layer_map: dict, optional

Dictionary that maps processes to (generated) layers

add(other, material_stack_factory)