LayoutView.visualize_2d(show=True, save_to_image=False, save_to_image_path='./', save_to_image_filename_without_ext=None, fig_size_factor=0.1, enter_mainloop=True, enter_tk_mainloop=None, aspect_ratio_equal=True, size=None, process_flow=None, **kwargs)

Visualize a top-down view of the virtually fabricated layout.


enter_mainloop : boolean

When True, hold the program flow until the figure has been closed by the user. When False, you have to manually plot the figure. This can be done by doing >>> from matplotlib.pyplot import show >>> show()

show : boolean

Not used at the moment.

enter_tk_mainloop : boolean

Deprecated. Use enter_mainloop.

save_to_image : boolean

When True, save the visualization as an svg + png image, in the save_to_image_path folder. All parameters below influence where / how the image is stored.

save_to_image_path : string

Path to save the image to, when save_to_image==True.

save_to_image_filename_without_ext : string

If not used (default = None), use the name of the component as filename. If a string, use that name.

fig_size_factor : float

Deprecated, do not use.

aspect_ratio_equal : boolean

When True, keep the aspect ratio of the saved image.

size : tuple of floats (float, float)

The width / height of the saved figure (in inches).

process_flow: VFabricationProcessFlow

The process flow to use. If not specified (None), TECH.VFABRICATION.PROCESS_FLOW will be used.

kwargs: dict

Any keyword arguments to SimulationVolumeVisualization2D