class ipkiss3.all.NetlistView

Contains all the information of a netlist (terms, instances and nets).

view_name: String that contains only alphanumeric characters from the ASCII set or contains _$. ASCII set is extended on PY3.

The name of the view


Returns the set of dependencies (child views through the hierarchy) of this NetlistView, based on the reference elements it contains

get_instances(instance_name=None, cell_view=None, reference_view_name=None, reference_view_type=None)

Queries the view for instances of other views.

If no parameters are supplied, retrieve all instances the view A parameter will not be used if it is None.

instance_name: str

retrieve instances with the given name.

cell_view: View or PCell

retrieve instances to the given View or PCell

reference_view_name: str

retrieve instances to all views with the given name

reference_view_type: View subclass

retrieve instances to all views with a given type

dict of instances with instance name as key

Check whether the view is empty.

True if the view is empty (has no instances, nor terms, nor nets)
False if the view has at least one instance, or term, or net.