class ipkiss3.all.OpticalPort(transformation=None, **kwargs)

In-plane Port in the Optical Domain

has a trace_template


transformation: GenericNoDistortTransform, optional

trace_template: _TraceTemplateWithPorts.Layout, optional

Trace Layout Template corresponding with the port

angle_deg: float, optional

The outward facing angle of the port (in arc degrees).

direction: optional

direction of the port (PORT_DIRECTION.IN, PORT_DIRECTION.OUT, …)

domain: __Domain__, optional

physical domain of the port (electrical, optical, thermal, …)

layer: __Layer__, optional

layer for drawing the port elements

name: str, optional

name of the port

shape: Shape, optional

shape of the port

term: ( Term ), optional, *None allowed*

corresponding term of the port

angle_rad: optional

position: Coord2, optional

Position of the vector (coordinate).

Other Parameters:

process: locked

inclination_deg: locked

inclination_rad: locked