class ipkiss3.all.ElectricalPort(transformation=None, **kwargs)

Port in the electrical domain. Represent the physical (layout level) electrical input/output into a PCell. An ElectricalPort is placed on a specific process layer, and can be connected from any side in the plane as well as from above and below.


angle_deg: ( float ), optional, *None allowed*

The outward facing angle of the port (in arc degrees).

process: ProcessLayer, optional

transformation: GenericNoDistortTransform, optional

trace_template: _TraceTemplateWithPorts.Layout, optional

Trace Layout Template corresponding with the port

direction: optional

direction of the port (PORT_DIRECTION.IN, PORT_DIRECTION.OUT, …)

domain: __Domain__, optional

physical domain of the port (electrical, optical, thermal, …)

layer: __Layer__, optional

layer for drawing the port elements

name: str, optional

name of the port

shape: Shape, optional

shape of the port

term: ( Term ), optional, *None allowed*

corresponding term of the port

angle_rad: optional

position: Coord2, optional

Position of the vector (coordinate).

Other Parameters:

inclination_deg: locked

inclination_rad: locked


Returns whether two ports could match each other.

Two electrical ports match when their layer is the same and their shapes at least touch or overlap. Port shapes consisting of < 3 points are invalid and False will be returned.