Placement Reference

An important aspect of building a circuit layout is the placement of instances. In IPKISS, this is done using i3.place_insts. This placement function works by choosing a set of instances, and defining specifications (placement, joining, alignment, …) that describe how these instances should be placed. It works for both instances and optical/electrical ports.

Once pcells are placed in the layout, the netlist can be extracted automatically by using i3.NetlistFromLayout.


place_insts Place a series of insts according to defined placement specifications.


Join Join instances together.
Place Specifies that an instance or its port should be placed on a given position and angle (angle is optional).
PlaceRelative Specifies that an instance (inst1) or a port (inst1:port) should be placed relative to another instance (inst2) or a port (inst2:port) with a given offset (x, y) and an angle (optional).
AlignH Specifies that instances or ports should be aligned horizontally.
AlignV Specifies that instances or ports should be aligned vertically.
FlipH Specifies that a horizontally mirrored version of the component must be placed.
FlipV Specifies that a vertically mirrored version of the instance must be placed.