ipkiss3.all.device_sim.lumerical_macros.eme_setup(group_spans, cells, display_cells=True, subcell_method=None, modes=None)

Macro to set up the spatial discretization of a simulation job in Lumerical MODE (using the EME solver).

These settings correspond to the ones that can be set from the Lumerical MODE GUI, under the “Edit EME solver -> EME setup” tab.


group_spans : List[float]

List of the lengths in um of each cell group.

cells : List[int]

List of the number of cells in each cell group.

display_cells : bool

Boolean whether or not to display the discretization in Lumerical EME.

subcell_method : List[int]

List of each subcell method per cell group, either 0 (none) or 1 (CVCS).

modes: int or List[int]

The number of modes for all cell groups, or the number of modes for each cell group separately


macro : i3.device_sim.Macro