class ipkiss3.all.ConnectLogical

Connect two ports ‘logically’, meaning that there is no physical connection but there is a Net. The Layout will display a straight line on the TECH.PPLAYER.ERROR.GENERIC layer if it exists, otherwise the line will be drawn on i3.Layer(0). The connection is assumed to be perfect (full transmission, no losses).

This connector can be used when the routing between two ports fails. In that case it is still possible to perform basic simulations in most cases.

flyline_layer: __Layer__, optional

layer to draw flylines of physically unconnected links

flyline_width: float and number > 0, optional

line width of the flylines

classmethod connect(start_port, end_port, name=None, **properties)

Connect start_port to end_port.

Overridden method so no domain check occurs

start_porti3.OpticalPort / i3.ElectricalPort

Starting port for the connection.

end_porti3.OpticalPort / i3.ElectricalPort

Ending port for the connection.


Name for the connection. If None, IPKISS chooses a unique name based on PCell naming conventions.

Instance of i3.PCell