ipkiss3.all.spectrum_peaks(smatrix1dsweep, port_pairs=None, func=<function signal_power>, threshold=None, method='spline', bandpass=None, **kwargs)

Extract information about the peaks in the given S-parameter spectra

Two methods are available: based on a spline fit or based on convolution with wavelets, optionally with an extra convolution with a gaussian.

smatrix1dsweep: SMatrix1DSweep

The smatrix sweep object that represents the spectra

port_pairs: Iterable[Tuple] or None

List of port pairs to process, e.g. [(‘out1’, ‘in1’), (‘out2’, ‘in1’)] or None to process all

func: Callable

Function f(x) to apply to each spectrum, defaults to power(x) = abs(x)**2

threshold: float or None

Decision threshold for peaks. Defaults to the average between minimum and maximum (after applying func).

method: ‘spline’ or ‘cwt’

Peak finding method to use

bandpass: bool or None

Bandpass (True) or bandstop (False) filter. None for auto-detect.

peak_info: Dict[(port_out, port_in), ndarray]

Peak wavelengths/frequencies for each port pair

Other Parameters
smoothing: float

Spline smoothing factor (‘spline’ method). Defaults to 0.0