Phase modulators

Phase modulators modulate the phase of an optical signal as it travels through the phase shifter waveguide. These phase shifters can be thermal or electro-optic. Electro-optic phase shifters based on the plasma effect (current injection in or depletion of a P(I)N junction) have a parasitic amplitude modulation.

Phase modulator trace templates

Three trace templates for phase modulator are predefined:

  • PhaseShifterWaveguideTemplate: a generic base class for defining various types of phase modulators (PN junction, thermo-optic, …)

  • LateralPNPhaseShifterTemplate: a template for regular lateral PN junction based phase modulators

  • LongitudinalPNPhaseShifterTemplate: a template for longitundinal, interdigited PN junction based phase modulators


Generic phase shifter waveguide trace template.


PN or PIN junction phase shifter with a lateral junction.


PN or PIN junction phase shifter with a longitudinal (interdigited) junction.

Phase modulator


Straight Phase Modulator PCell.