class picazzo3.fibcoup.base.FiberCouplerGrating

Base class for fiber couplers which combine a grating on top of a socket.

The socket is the piece of waveguide, taper or slab on which the grating rests. The grating couples light between the plane (the socket) and the out-of-plane direction, to a fiber, lens or free space.

This cell should be used such that the inclination and angle of the port match the direction of peak transmission at the center wavelength specified in the circuitmodel, when light is incident from the vertical (through vertical_in) and couples to the out port

             *  "vertical_in"
inclination   / *
            _/  _*  _   _
     "in" _| |_| |_| |_| |_  ---> "out"
grating: PCell

grating of this fiber coupler

inclination: float

out-of-plane angle of the grating coupler

socket: PCell and WgSocket

socket of the fiber coupler

name: String that contains only ISO/IEC 8859-1 (extended ASCII py3) or pure ASCII (py2) characters

The unique name of the pcell


class Layout
grating_transformation: GenericNoDistortTransform
socket_length: float and number > 0

length of the straight waveguide socket

socket_transformation: GenericNoDistortTransform
view_name: String that contains only alphanumeric characters from the ASCII set or contains _$. ASCII set is extended on PY3.

The name of the view