The samples in this section are documented, standalone examples for IPKISS 3. They are meant to illustrate and give you a quick idea of what is possible within IPKISS. Do not hesitate to request for a specific example.

The samples from this section can also be found in the samples\ipkiss3\samples folder of your installation (go to Luceda Control Center –> click the samples button).

Getting Started
Learn the principles of IPKISS through without digging too deeply into the details.

Wrapped Disk
Illustrates a disk resonator with a waveguide wrapped around it. The spacing between the waveguide and the disk and the bus angle are parameters.

Athermal MZI
This sample demonstrates how to build a Mach-Zender Interferometer in such a way that it’s not influenced by changes in the temperature.

Place and Route
In this example, we construct our own Place and Route Cell based on one of the standard PICAZZO Place and Route cells: PlaceAndAutoRoute.

Customized technology
In this example, we define a customized technology, add a process and mask layers and define the virtual fabrication process.

Import from GDSII
This sample illustrates how to import an existing GDSII file into IPKISS and assign ports and a circuit model to it.