Installing reprise license server

This documentation is relevant for license administrators, and is needed if your organization chooses to use floating licenses (the other option is to use node-locked licenses). In this case, a license server has to be set up, and users of the software should connect to the server in order to check out a license. Follow the instructions below to make floating licenses operational:

  1. Download the license server.
  2. Obtain host id of the server, and send it to Luceda Photonics.
  3. Upon receival of the license files, modify the host name.
  4. Distribute the license files.

Downloading license server

The license server runs both on Windows (possibly as a service), or Linux. The license server can be downloaded from the following link: We support windows and 64-bit, below are the names of the download files:

  • Windows: rlm.vXX.YYY-x64_w2.admin.exe
  • Linux: x64_l1.admin.tar.gz

The files can be extracted to the folder of your choice. Additionally, you will need the luceda.set file, which you should have received together with the license files. This file has to be placed in the same folder and is used by the server during the license identification process.

The package contains two important executables: rlm.exe / rlm (the server), and rlmutil.exe / rlmutil (used to get the host id).

Obtaining host id of the server, and send it to Luceda Photonics

In order to create the user licenses, we need to know the host id of the license server. In order to provide us with this information, please run rlmutil.exe / rlmutil (after extracting the files above) using the following command:

rlmutil rlmhostid

Please send the rlmhostid to

Updating license files to point to the correct host

Soon after sending the host id, you will receive the license files. Upon receiving these files (with .lic extension), please modify the host name on the HOST line:

HOST [rlmhostid] 5053

In this case, you need to modify to your own server name.

Using the license files

This file has to be placed in the same folder as the license server (rlm.exe / rlm). After restarting the license server, the new licenses can be hosted.

To enable your users to find the license file or license server, perform one of the following:

  1. RECOMMENDED: Put the license file (with .lic extension) in the Luceda software binary directory, i.e., alongside the user’s installation (this is explained in the installation section of this document).
  2. Set RLM_LICENSE environmental variable to the {license_file_path} (user can store the license anywhere on his PC).
  3. Set RLM_LICENSE environmental variable to port@host.

Running the server

The server is started by running rlm.exe / rlm. To learn more about the server options, how to start as a service / at system boot, and how to get statistics from the server, please read the documentation from the following page: Or in PDF format:

In case of doubt, please contact

Configuration of your firewall

Sometimes you’ll have to configure the firewall of your server or company to make sure that your client can contact the license server. This configuration will heavily depend on your internal infrastructure. The following webpage is a great starting point :