Quickstart: First simple circuit design


The goal of this tutorial is to give you a first idea of the principles behind IPKISS through the design of a simple functional circuit: a ring resonator connected to grating couplers.

Layout of a connected ring_resonator.

Fig. 27 Layout of a ring resonator connected to grating couplers.

Circuit simulation of the  connected ring_resonator.

Fig. 28 Transmission and reflection spectra of a ring resonator connected to grating couplers, obtained by circuit simulation.


In this design we start from existing components from the library “Picazzo”. This library of functional photonic building blocks is provided out of the box with Ipkiss. We will connect several Picazzo components together in a circuit using as little code as possible. We will perform the following two tasks for both the components as well as for the complete circuit.

  1. Define the layout and export a GDSII file, the standard format for sending the design to a fabrication facility.
  2. Run a behavioural model based circuit simulation, to understand the behavior of the circuit.


  1. Introduction to Python