Technology Reference

Every IPKISS script starts with the import of a TECHNOLOGY file. The goal of the technology file is to describe a variety of settings that are necessary to design for a specific fabrication technology, and will be shared by the designs that use the same fabrication technology.

In this reference guide you will find the relevant API functions.


Properties to store a variety of numbers.[…]) A hierarchical tree for storing technology settings.…) A hierarchical tree for storing technology settings, but with delayed initialisation : the initialize-function is called only at the moment a value is actually retrieved.


ipkiss.process.layer.ProcessLayer(name, …) ProcessLayer represents a specific process step which requires a defined mask pattern
ipkiss.process.layer.PatternPurpose(name, …) Pattern Purpose represents what should be done with the geometric patterns which is defined.
ipkiss.process.layer.ProcessPurposeLayer(…) An Ipkiss layer which consists of a processlayer and a patternpurpose.
ipkiss.process.layer.PPLayer alias of ipkiss.process.layer.ProcessPurposeLayer
ipkiss.primitives.layer.Layer([number, …]) Layout layer.


ipkiss.process.layer_map.GenericGdsiiPPLayerInputMap(…) Map between GDSII Layers and PPLayers
ipkiss.process.layer_map.GenericGdsiiPPLayerOutputMap(…) Most generic map between ProcessPurposeLayers and GDSII.…) Maps GDSII layers to Ipkiss Layers with an automatic conversion…) Maps Ipkiss Layers to GDSII Layers with an automatic conversion
ipkiss.process.layer_map.UnconstrainedGdsiiPPLayerInputMap(…) Map of GDSII layer/datatype combinations onto ProcessPurposeLayers.
ipkiss.process.layer_map.UnconstrainedGdsiiPPLayerOutputMap(…) Map of ProcessPurposeLayer onto GDSII layer/datatype combinations.