class picazzo3.traces.wire_wg.WireWaveguideTransitionFromPortLinear(*args, **kwargs)

A linear transition between two WireWaveguideTemplates.


end_trace_template: PCell and _TraceTemplate and WireWaveguideTemplate, optional

start_trace_template: PCell and _TraceTemplate and WireWaveguideTemplate, optional

start_port: _PortInterface, optional

the port on which to extract trace template, position and angle

cell_instances: _PCellInstanceDict, optional

name: optional

The unique name of the pcell

reverse_templates: locked

When True, treat start_trace_template as end_trace_template and vice versa. To use the correct templates, use the _{start/stop}_trace_template properties. This should not be set manually, but calculated by the transition itself.



grids_per_unit: optional

Number of grid cells per design unit

straight_extension: Coord2, optional

tuple: straight extension at start and end of transition

units_per_grid: optional

Ratio of grid cell and design unit

view_name: str, optional

The name of the view

length: float and Real, number and number >= 0, optional

length of the transition

end_position: Coord2, optional

end position of the transition

start_position: Coord2, optional

start position of the transition

grid: float and number > 0, optional

design grid. Extracted by default from TECH.METRICS.GRID

unit: float and number > 0, optional

design unit. Extracted by default from TECH.METRICS.UNIT


"""This example shows how to append a transition onto a component.

We define a PCell with a port on the Layout level (position + angle). Then we use
WireWaveguideTransitionFromPortLinear to connect this port to a transition that creates
a transition to a wire waveguide.
from technologies import silicon_photonics

from ipkiss3 import all as i3
from picazzo3.traces.wire_wg import WireWaveguideTemplate, WireWaveguideTransitionFromPortLinear

wg_start = WireWaveguideTemplate()
                cladding_width=0.45 + 2 * i3.TECH.WG.TRENCH_WIDTH)

wg_end = WireWaveguideTemplate()
wg_end.Layout(core_width = 2.0,
              cladding_width = 2.0 + 2 * i3.TECH.WG.TRENCH_WIDTH)

p = i3.OpticalPort(name="out", position=(5.0, 0.0), angle=20.0, trace_template=wg_start)

t = WireWaveguideTransitionFromPortLinear(start_port=p, end_trace_template=wg_end)

t_lay = t.Layout(length=15.0,
                 straight_extension = (0.5, 1.0))