Ipkiss 2.4 Legacy Guides


These guides are based on the on-line notebooks in Ipkiss 2.4 syntax, and are provided as a reference for ipkiss 2.4 users. While legacy IPKISS 2.4 code still runs on IPKISS 3.0 (see Running Ipkiss 2.4 code in Ipkiss 3), most of the functionality is present in Ipkiss 3.0. If you start a new design, it is highly recommended to use IPKISS3.0 components. To help you with the porting process, check out our porting guide.

Layout Elements

Gives an overview of various layout elements that are included in IPKISS.

This notebook shows how you can use them to build simple and more complex layouts.

Waveguides and Routing

Waveguides are an essential part of your design.

This notebook shows examples of the types of waveguides IPKISS offers and how you can use them.

Picazzo Overview

Picazzo is IPKISS’ library with generic components that you can use to build your design.

This notebook covers some of the components that are included and visualizes the impact of changing the parameters.

Picazzo Containers
Picazzo Containers are components that help you to integrate your component in your design.
Photonic Crystals
This notebook gives an overview of the kinds of photonic crystals you can make using IPKISS.
Mode Solving using CAMFR
CAMFR is a simple but fast 1d mode solver and 2D propagation tool. This notebook shows how you can simulate an MMI created in IPKISS.